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The following is a list of Texas Instruments equipment that is currently serviced by SRS Automation.

For breakdown situations much of the equipment listed maybe service exchanged or hired therefore providing minimum down time.

Please note our product range is continually expanding.  If you don't see your product listed please contact us

Device Number


A1 2nd User./Urgent Repair/Normal Repair/Service Contract (6 month / 1year)




Sequencer 1K Word Ladder

Texas  Instruments

5TI-1032 Sequencer 2K Word Ladder
5TI-1033 Sequencer 3K Word Ladder
5TI-1034 Sequencer 4K Word Ladder
5TI-1023A Sequencer 1K Word Ladder
5TI-2000 Read / Write PROGRAMMER
5TI-2001 Read / Write PROGRAMMER
5TI-4100 I/O Simulator
5TI-5500 /O Expander-6 Base
6MT I/O System.    
6MT-31 16 Input  Logic Interface Texas  Instruments
6MT-32 16 Output Logic Interface
6MT-33 8 in  /  8 out Logic Interface
6MT11-A05L 120 vac Input Module
6MT11-B05L 230 vac Input Module
6MT11-E05L 17-28 vac Input Module
6MT12-40AL 120 vac  2.0A Output Module
6MT12-40BL 120 vac  2.0A Output Module
6MT12-40EL 24 vac 2.0A Output Module
6MT13-D05L 4-28 vdc Input Module
6MT13-F05L Threshold Module
6MT13-G05L 40-160 vdc Input Module
6MT14-40CL 10-28 vdc  1.0A  Output Module
6MT14-40DL 5-28 vdc  0.1A  Output Module
6MT14-40FL 10-28 vdc  1.0A  Output Module
6MT14-40GL 40-160 vdc  0.5A  Output Module
6MT50  Mounting Base
PM550-100 CCU 8 Loops  4K Memory Texas  Instruments
PM550-101 CCU 8 Loops  4K Memory
PM550-102 CCU 8 Loops  4K Memory
PM550-110 CCU 8 Loops  7K Memory
PM550-111 CCU 8 Loops  7K Memory
PM550-112 CCU 8 Loops  7K Memory
PM550-116 CCU 16 Loops 7K Memory
PM550C-112 Complete Sys 8 Loops 7K Memory
PM550C-116 Complete Sys 16 Loops 7K Memory
550 / 550C Boards Any One Board of the 550 System
PM550-210 550 PSU  With Square Connectors
PM550-212 550 PSU  With  Round Connectors
PM550-400 Loop Access Module 8 Loops
PM550-412 Timer / Counter  Access Module
7MT I / O System    
7MT100 Analogue Input Module Texas  Instruments
7MT100A Analogue Input Module
7MT200 Analogue  Output Module
7MT300 Parallel Input Module
7MT400 Parallel Output Module
7MT500 Thermocouple Input Module
TI 100 PLC 110 / 240 vac I/P, Triac O/P  
120-1111 8 Outputs 12 Inputs
128-1111 12 Outputs 16 inputs
140-1111 16 Outputs 12 Inputs
164-1111 24 Outputs 40 Inputs
24 vdc I/P Transistor O/P
120-1112 8 Outputs 12 Inputs
128-1112 12 Outputs 16 Inputs
140-1112 t16 Outputs 12 Inpus
164-1112 24 Outputs 40 Inputs

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