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Surface mount pick and place equipment is at the forefront of modern electronic manufacturing and is used to make practically all electronic boards for equipment ranging from microwaves to military hardware.

With the introduction of the new generation Siemens 'S' type (Schultz) feeders, speed and component positioning has now become even more critical for the correct operation of these units.  With this in mind we at SRS set our feeder repair engineers a task to design and build a test unit to overcome the major problem of component positioning with 'S' type feeders.  This ongoing design and development in feeder repair technology has culminated in the development of a state of the art laser alignment unit.  This unit is used to position each 'S' type feeder after repairs are completed to the original settings.  We also offer a feeder alignment service for our customers who have their own staff to service/repair their own feeders in house.

SRS Automation provides fast efficient service and repair for Siemens Surface Mount Machine peripherals effectively minimising production 'down' time and therefore maximising production for users of this equipment.


SRS Automation can now offer fixed price repairs for the Siemens Schultz range of Siplace pick & place feeders.
With our fully trained Siemens Engineers and using only OEM parts you have confidence that your feeders will be serviced to the highest quality standards.

Welcome to Siplace

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